• We Listen

    We carry out our own installation to ensure our demanding quality standards are maintained throughout and you get the service you need. Post-completion, our Service Team will carry out planned maintenance in line with our suggested service plan and will deal with any breakdowns in the unlikely event that this is required.

  • Quality Assurance

    We have a fully trained service and installation team, which combined with a pragmatic approach ensures that your installation is carried out with minimum disruption, in line with agreed timings, working with other trades as required.

Bespoke disabled access lifts which meet and exceed disabled access regulations and legislation, from concept through to commissioning our aim is to provide you with the best access solution.

Each lift is designed to meet your exact requirements. This means that we will use the materials you require, for example stainless steel, glass, wood, brass, wrought iron, to achieve the look you need.

We will assist with the integration of site requirements such as automatic doors, special detailing, lighting and so on. We are happy to build these in to the product to ensure the finished lift meets all your needs while remaining at one with its environment.

Your partner through the process

Interaction of the lift with the building is of paramount importance, especially within a high-end project environment where the utmost quality and aesthetic integration matter more than just the cost or meeting minimum British Standards requirements.

Chase Mobility’s Design & Technical Service Team work outside the boundaries to provide the perfect solution, while leading and assisting our clients to better understand the processes involved.

  • Assist

    We will assist you in ensuring the lift not only performs exactly as you want, but also looks exactly how you need it to, fitting perfectly into any environment.

  • Advise

    We can also advise on regulations & legislation (e.g. platform sizes, control requirements etc).

  • Provide

    We provide detailed drawings for site requirements and of the finished lift throughout the project. Quite often the sites we work on can have difficult access, civils (e.g listed buildings) or exact requirements to match existing surroundings. The team at Chase are experienced in these situations and we ensure there is a detailed dialogue from initial concept through to completion.


The designs of the visible parts of the lift are tailored to your exact requirements. Our aim is to work with you on the designs of the lift to ensure you get exactly what you want. Throughout the design process we will advise & assist on the regulations to ensure the finished product meets legislation as cost effectively as possible.


We have experience of working within listed environments; understand the demands of heavily used & abused areas such as pubs & clubs and work on new-builds and renovations/refurbishments.


Our aim is to provide you with a product to your exact specification, taking into account the legislative requirements. Whilst typical modern clean lines may require stainless steel and glass with intricate fixings, and flooring in perhaps marble, we can supply wrought iron ‘spindles’ with brass handrails or a solution in wood.