Perfect Environment Integration

Sometimes our lifts are designed to be features in themselves but more often our customers are looking for a product that blends seamlessly into an existing or new look. Here at Chase Mobility we pride ourselves on our ability to design all our lifts with the inspiration of the building environment. For example we can ensure handrails and posts are designed to provide perfect integration with their surroundings; be that stainless steel, painted mild steel or wood. You name the material and we can work with it.

Matching flooring can be done and we take into account all of the schematics of achieving this. For example our lifts allow the fitment of the same flooring as the surrounding area. If this is required we allow for tile or material weight (i.e. using 1,000kg capacity lift) and down-rate the lift on installation (i.e. 500kg the max allowed). This enables us to fit marble, carpet and all other floor finishes for total integration into surroundings.